UK Street Magician, Hire London Magician, Marbella Magician

I was bitten by the magic bug at around the age of 7 when I saw magician, Paul daniels on the BBC.

Like so many other boys at that age, I received a magic set and realised the power in presenting the magic - Just a few little cheap plastic coloured cups and a sponge balI and would have people laughing and entertained for hours!

My parents gave me the belief that what I was doing was amazing although it was probably terrible but I knew I wanted to learn more.

Throughout school I kept my passion alive and was always learning new tricks from books and practising them on my friends and teachers. My school grades were pretty bad and I remember my final report from my tutor saying that I was an extremely skilled close-up magician but lacked attention in class!

When I left school at 16, I would enter pubs and bars (illegally) and perform to people, I would hand out business cards and before I knew it I was performing regularly at weddings, parties and business events.

I now perform full time all around the world from Nigeria to Marbella - The magic has a universal effect on people and it's the reactions that I get from the people that keeps the fire burning for me and I will be forever grateful for what magic has done for me - it has opened so many doors and I have met some amazing people and been to some incredible places along my journey. I hope you will be part of my story too!

Thanks for reading!